Planet of Students is offering you the possibility to be a part of its educational endeavors as the Campus Ambassador.

A Campus Ambassador will represent Planet of Students in their colleges and be the point of contact between the company and the student community. They will be in charge of conducting activities on behalf of Planet of Students. The selected Campus Ambassador will be equipped with tools that will bring about personal development as well as career development in them. They will grow as better managers and communicators by taking part in the activities and carrying out the roles designed for them.

The key objective of the program is to develop the leadership capabilities in the student and empower them with inspiring activities that they can offer for their fellow students.

The Campus Ambassador will be responsible for conducting and coordinating activities that will develop their management skills. The Ambassadors will be able to develop their own skills as well as become technologically empowered through multiple exposures within and outside their campuses. The program aims at facilitating Industry exposure for students and thus develop truly employable candidates. Planet of Students shall facilitate student participation in numerous Symposiums and the CA will act as a bridge between the students and Planet of Students for all kinds of support.

Upon successful completion of their tenure, the student will receive a Certificate of Excellence.

1) The student should be UG/PG graduates in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of their studies.
2) Preference will be given to students with an extracurricular background and good academic reports.
3) Students with a flair for communication and management are also prioritized.
4) Self-driven and tech-savvy.

The applications will be analyzed by our panel and the shortlisted candidates will be notified. Only one Campus Ambassador from one branch for a particular year will be allowed.

1) Organizing Campus/Online Workshops
2) Putting up posters of the Planet of Students events
3) Planning and promotion of the activities through social networking sites
4) Co-ordinate and organize workshops and events like Symposium, Technical Conference at college
5) Be the Point Of Contact for Planet of Students and the college for communications
6) Conduct presentations and get students enrolled in our courses on APQP, SCRUM, Cyber Security, POSH, etc.
7) Attend national and international conferences organized by Planet of Students and ensure the participation of students from their college.
8) Help Planet of Students to better understand your campus’s culture.

1) Attend workshops and seminars at national and international events conducted by Planet of Students and other industry leaders for free.
2) All travel and accommodation expenses will be taken care of by Planet of Students if you are participating in any Technical Competitions
3) Upon completion of six months as a CA, the student will receive a Certificate of Excellence showcasing their skills and contributions to the Planet of Students.
4) The CA will also receive the Engineering Career Advancement Course worth Rs 10,000 for free.
5) 10% of sales revenue will be credited to the CA as a reward if they have helped in the sale of our products.
6) Self-development through organizing and managing events and thus empower oneself with the required skill set for their future.

The CA must ensure that all communications are conveyed within 3 days of receiving the same.
Failure to perform efficiently may result in the termination of the tenure.


Campus Ambassador Application Form

To apply, please fill the form. Our representative will get back to you soon.